Reality Productions- You Are Smarter Than You Think

You Are Smarter Than You Think Online Journey

The You Are Smarter than You Think Online Journey is an interactive online training based on the successful book, You are Smarter than You Think.  It does two things:

First: It gives the participant two self-evaluations to help them discover their personal brain talents. These talents include Howard Gardner's Learning Styles and Language processing skills. 

Second: The participants are shown how to use this specific information when they are listening to a lecture, reading a textbook, studying for a test and taking a test. 

If the participants use these personal strategies, they will experience the following:

1. Their Grades will go up

2. They will spend less time studying

3. They will experience Less stress

4. They will retain what they learn way after the test is over

Gain Immediate Access to Learning with Zero Risk! We offer a Full No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.